“It is generally safe to say that noise and turmoil in the interior life are signs of inspirations that proceed from our own emotion or from some spirit that is anything but holy. The inspirations of the Holy Ghost are quiet for God speaks in the silent depths of the Spirit. His voice brings peace. It does not arouse excitement, but allows it because excitement belongs to uncertainty. The voice of God is certitude. If he moves us to motion, we go forward with peaceful strength. More often than not, his inspirations teach us to sit still. They show us the emptiness and confusion of projects we thought we had undertaken for his glory. He saves us from the impulses that throw us into cold competition with other men. He delivers us from ambition. The Holy Spirit is most easily recognized where He inspires obedience and humility.”

Ascent to Truth, 185-186 (Harcourt & Brace, 1981)​
Thomas Merton

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