Ordinary Time Readings: Sunday, August 17

Reading: Genesis 12:1-5 and Matthew 9:35-38

  1. As you read and reflect on Genesis 12:1-5, what do you discover about God’s truest intention for all humanity?
  2. What do you discover about God’s intention for a generative kind of life (living beyond ourselves, creative fruitfulness) from God’s specific invitation to Abraham?
  3. In what ways do you sense God inviting you into a deeper or richer experience of generative blessing; both personally and as a source of blessing to others? How is this being realized in your relationships? Your work? Your pleasures and social activities?
  4. As you read the Gospel account in Matthew 9:35-38, what do you discern about Jesus’ character and calling on earth? What invitations do you sense him presenting to you today? Spend moments in prayer asking for a heart of compassion to see the multitudes as he does: harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Talk to God about generative (creative) ways you might be involved in his work on earth: going to the sick, the afflicted, the harassed, the helpless with the good news of God’s redemptive love.