Holy Trinity Anglican Church was launched in September 2009 by Bishop Todd Hunter. From the beginning, our DNA was shaped by two simple yet searching questions: What would it look like to create and foster a formationally oriented church? What would it look like to be a church for the sake of others?

Situated amidst the over-scheduled, hurried, and anxious culture of Orange Country, HTC developed as a counter-cultural community with a unique set of values: rest, quiet, thoughtfulness, beauty, gentle, non-anxious presence, and humble confidence. Intentionally not over-programed, HTC sought to foster contemplative and artistic worship spaces that attune disciples of Jesus to the presence and work of the Spirit in their lives through the consistent ministry of Word and Sacrament.

Rooted within the global Anglican Communion yet comprised of congregants from a variety of church backgrounds, HTC has an organic and evolving sense of its Anglican identity – gratitude for the spiritual heritage and riches of the past, attentiveness to the work of the Spirit in the present, and creative faithfulness as we look to the future.

In September 2019, Jordan Senner succeeded Bishop Todd Hunter as Rector of HTC. In April 2023, Todd Pickett, a member of Holy Trinity from its beginnings with Bishop Hunter and part of the preaching team under Rev. Senner, became our Pastor (and future Rector) after 27 years as a professor, dean and campus pastor at Biola University. The last few years we have journeyed through seasons of pruning and planting in many ways. We are filled with fresh hope and joy as we look to the future in the light of God’s faithfulness. We believe that God is inviting us to enjoy him and to grow in an others-oriented posture toward one another and the world – in hospitality, prayer, and missional generosity.

If you join HTC, you are joining a community that is firmly established, has clear values and a discernible focus, yet is spacious, welcoming, and organically growing in maturity. We believe God has done a marvelous work in our church over the last 14 years, and we are only at the beginning.

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