The day is enough. In fact, it is all we have. We can remember the past and anticipate the future, but we can only walk with God in the present moment. Through grace-filled habits of daily prayer and Scripture reading, we seek to practice the presence of God throughout the rhythms of the day.


Woven into the fabric of creation is a healthy and holistic rhythm of work and rest. Practicing Sabbath is an essential part of experiencing the goodness of our creaturely limits and the greatness of our Creator’s love. We learn to rest from work and work from a place of rest.


The church calendar invites us to keep time at a different pace and for a different purpose. It immerses us in the life of the triune God through cycles of fasting and feasting, waiting and celebrating, longing and receiving. The first cycle revolves around the theme of light: Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. The second cycle revolves around the theme of life: Lent, Holy Week, and Easter. The third cycle revolves around the theme of love: Pentecost and Ordinary Time. In this way, all of time is ordered and all of life is oriented toward the holy and healing presence of God.