As we look to the future, Holy Trinity Church is searching for a long-term facility where we can grow deep roots in Christ, in community, and in care for our neighbors.

Our facilities search is driven by a hopeful vision: to cultivate a Monastery or Abbey-like space of worship, formation, and mission in the middle of (sub)urban Orange County. A place where people experience the rest and glory of God, are gathered into the healing company of His people, and are energized and equipped for God’s mission in the world.

We seek a space where we can express and cultivate our core values as a community.

Worship Values – Thoughtful, Quiet, Beauty
Formation Values – Prayer, Study, Community
Mission Values – Hospitality, Partnership, Generosity


Our target is to raise $500,000.

Vestry has committed $100,000 to the fund as seed money, and will be tithing 10% of any donations we receive for facilities toward a particular mission project or partnership. (More information on the project or partnership will be provided soon.)

We are approaching this goal with a non-anxious and prayerful posture. Our desire is to be wise and thoughtful stewards, positioning our church for faithfulness to God’s kingdom calling and mission, but also trusting of God’s timing and provision.


The facilities funds will be used for a specific building project or partnership. This could include but is not limited to: securing a long-term lease for a Sunday morning time slot, building out or renovating a facility to fit our needs and vision, or outfitting a new space for specific formational and missional ministries.

We welcome inquiries or creative ideas from anyone who is interested in participating in this exciting adventure.

Thank you for investing in Holy Trinity Church!