Welcome Rev. Jordan Senner

The Holy Trinity Church Council is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Rector, Jordan Senner. Over the past 14 years, God has been equipping and empowering Jordan to fulfill the calling that he had laid upon his life as a young biology student at Biola University:  to be a pastor, to shepherd and build up the Church. Jordan has served in ministry capacities at St. John’s Vancouver Anglican Church in Vancouver, British Columbia while obtaining his Master of Divinity from Regent College. While in Vancouver, Jordan also met and married his wife, Susie, who was born in England and raised in Vancouver. For the last few years, Jordan has been pursuing, and is near completion of, his PhD in Theology from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. As an ordained priest in the Anglican Network in Canada, Jordan brings his depth of understanding of liturgy and sacraments to our congregation.  

Jordan and Susie have two young children, Annabelle, three years old, and Jeremy, one year old, who will be a part of our Family Ministry. Jordan’s depth of biblical knowledge, humble wisdom, and thoughtful listening were stand out characteristics to the Church Council. Jordan has demonstrated, both to the Council and through strong personal recommendations, that he can communicate truths of God’s word with inspiration in a way that encourages spiritual formation and maintains biblical orthodoxy. Jordan’s shepherd’s heart was evident to the Church Council in empathetic listening, genuine interest, and relating to each Holy Trinity person he met with kindness and care. With joyful anticipation, we are excited to have the Senner family join us in shepherding our Holy Trinity family beginning in September.

Joshua Busch, Jerri Gerard, Jim Heim, Steven Hoehner, Lindsay Murad, Susan Rigby, Meghan Taylor