Tustin Listening Group: Friday, February 6

Tustin Listening Group:  Friday, February 6,  7:00 – 9:00 pm at the home of Zona McKibben:
13451 Prospect Ave., Santa Ana 92705

Please RSVP:  to Beth Khorey with your intention to attend one of these groups and specify date and location. beth@myholytrinitychurch.com


January 14, 2015

Dear Church Family,
The people of God, in community, have a long and deep commitment to listening to the Holy Spirit for guidance:

Acts 13: after fasting and praying the Holy Spirit sent out Paul and Barnabas…

In Acts 15, it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and the community to guide the life of the church in certain ways…

Sometimes Spirit-guidance comes spontaneously or intuitively—other times it must be sought in conversation and prayer. This is such a time in the life of Holy Trinity Church.

On February 6 & 22 we are hosting two identical “meetings for clearness”, two set aside times in different locations to discern what the Spirit is saying to us.  This gives you opportunity to pick the time and place that works best for you.

The conversation will begin around these themes:

  1. What do you discern about the transition of Holy Trinity to our next five years? Reflect on things such as our current growth, need for staff, a more permanent home for worship, vision, community, etc.


  1. What do you discern about our needed development in outreach? Reflect on possibilities for evangelism, mission and local outreach.


  1. What do you discern, in the spirit of the Parable of the Talents, about how we can be increasingly faithful in our gift of spiritual formation through our values for thoughtfulness, quiet and beauty?


  1. How can we more fully cooperate with what God is already doing in and through Holy Trinity?

This is not a church politics process; it is not about my agenda or yours—though we might actually have some edifying agenda.  But in the case of these specific meetings, I look forward to hearing your heart as it is shaped by listening to the Holy Spirit in the context of our community.

Todd Hunter