My cherished friends David and Tina Segel (David was chairman of the board of Alpha when I was president) are the executive producers of a new film that Debbie and I were invited to see in LA last Friday—The Drop Box ( ). My long time friend Jen Alt is on the board of Kindred Image, who made the film.

It is a deeply unique and moving story that deserves the widest possible audience. I hope you will check it out and invite your families and friends. You can find help for spreading the word here:

You will be so glad if you see this movie—and so bummed if you don’t!



The Drop Box

The Drop Box tells the story of South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak and his heroic efforts to embrace and protect the most vulnerable members of society. It is a heart-wrenching exploration of the physical, emotional and financial toll associated with providing refuge to orphans that would otherwise be abandoned on the streets. But The Drop Box movie is also a story of hope—a reminder that every human life is sacred and worthy of love.

South Korea is not the only country grappling with the issue of orphan care. Around the world, there are more than 150 million orphans waiting for forever families to call their own.