Sunday, November 15th

The Book of Malachi
Malachi 3:6 – 4:6 and Mark 8:27-30

We conclude the Season of Ordinary Time and our book studies in the Minor Prophets with Malachi. Read the entire book as you reflect and listen to what God is saying to his people. Malachi is the final book of the Old Testament and the last prophetic voice heard until we hear John the Baptist in the same tenor, hundreds of years later proclaim “Prepare the way of the Lord!”

Reflection Questions

  1. Was you read Malachi 3:6 – 4:6 what invitations, encouragements or challenges do you sense God’s voice leading you to engage with?
  2. In what ways might God be challenging you to ask of him for an outpouring of his generosity or for you to expand your capacity to trust and give?
  3. Sit with Jesus’ question to his disciples in Mark 8:27-30. As you do, begin to search your heart by the Holy Spirit. Who do you say Jesus is? How might you want to respond in behavior or action to what you say or think? Are there any changes needed to make what you believe match with how you engage with your life and relationships?