Ordinary Time Readings: Sunday, September 21

Reading: Genesis 17:15-21; 21:1-6 and Luke 1:67-80

  1. The promised son, long waited for, arrives on the scene in Gen.17:15-21 and 21:1-6. Have you experienced an answer to a heart’s desire long waited for? How did you feel when it finally came to fruition? Are you waiting on promises of God now? How does recalling the faithfulness of God to bring promises to pass in your life help you endure the wait now? Talk honestly with God about your struggles to endure or any doubt you might be experiencing as you look for fulfillment in God.
  2. Jesus, the long awaited Son, hope of all nations, and the One in who all promises are fulfilled arrives on the scene at the perfect time in God’s story. Listen in on Zechariah’s prophetic speech in Luke 1:67-79. What do you gather in from these words that might bring encouragement or comfort to you today?
  3. Do you have words to sing or say to God, maybe a song of gratitude, a lament about the struggle to believe or trust in the promises of God? Talk, sing, lament to God in these moments – express your true heart to the One who changes everything with his love and truth.