Piecing Together The Story We Find Ourselves In A Review of the Anglican Catechism

Dates: November 16

Every story can be outlined—no matter how nuanced by twists and turns of the plot. This is what the creeds do. The catechism does the same, but in much more detail. The catechism teaches us how to rightly believe and gives us a whole life orientation for how to live as followers of Jesus.

Thus, while our catechism conversations this fall will include Anglican uniqueness’s, our predominant focus will be:

  • Rediscovering belief in a world that isn’t sure right belief is possible
  • Discussing the most important concepts of Christianity
  • Mining from the catechism the core drivers of Christian spirituality
  • Learning to think well and communicate to others about what we believe, and why we seek to be followers of Jesus

Todd Hunter will host these conversations. Rev. Dr. Dennis Okholm (Prof. of Systematic Theology) will be our main teacher.

Please join us for what we hope will be robust, enjoyable, enriching and relationship-building conversations.


A Review of the Anglican Catechism:

Dates:  November 16
Time: Immediately following our Sunday morning worship services

  • November 16: How should we then live? How to be an Anglican in the world. | When Anglicans are dismissed at the end of worship, they are sometimes told to “go in peace to love and serve the Lord.” How do we go from worship to mission—to keep the Story going?