Ordinary Time Readings: Sunday, October 26

Reading: Genesis 32:22-32 and John 3:1-15

  1. Jacob has another nocturnal exchange; this time with a mysterious Man who Jacob sensed was supernatural. Jacob displays a feisty, bold, and tenacious character in this spirited fight! Witness Jacob’s interaction with the Mystery Man as you read Gen.32:22-32. He’s a fugitive and in a miserable situation yet emerges as a changed, enriched man. What intrigues you about this drama? What draws you in or challenges you about the story, Jacob, about God? What do you ascertain about struggles? About outcomes from wrestling with God?
  2. Have you ever experienced a type of struggle or wrestling match with God? What was that like? What happened? How did you respond? What was God like in that encounter? How were you changed? Maybe you are wrestling over some situational difficulty or internal issues o​f faith at the present moment. What would it look like for you to invite God into your struggles?
  3. Jesus doesn’t seem to mind our questions, our fears, our uncertainties. Read another account of nocturnal struggle in John 3:1-15. How does Jesus handle Nicodemus? What do you notice about Nicodemus at the end of this interview with Jesus? Seems like there is no clear resolution for him at this point of his journey. Yet this was not the end of the matter for Nicodemus! What are your thoughts? Reactions? Is there something you don’t understand about your own faith journey or about Spirit-filled life in God? What would you like to talk with Jesus about? Take time to have a conversation with God now in prayer. Wrestle! Offer questions! God can handle you and your struggles!