Ordinary Time Readings: Sunday, November 23

Reading:  Genesis 50:4-21 and Luke 24:13-35 

1.      In our concluding chapter of Genesis there are two priorities of focus: the death and burial of a patriarch of faith; and the recognition of God’s sovereign will for humanity. As you read Genesis 50:4-21 draw some conclusions for yourself, for your life, for your community of faith, for the world you live in.

2.      Often there is a chasm between our theological knowledge of God and his kingdom plan on earth, and our felt experience and circumstantial difficulties. How might the story of Joseph’s life bridge the chasm for you? What challenges you? What encourages you? What fosters faith or renews hope? How might this story fuel your prayers?

3.      Read a well-worn story of discouraged and despairing disciples who return home after the crucifixion of their Lord, hopes dashed, from Luke 24:13-35. What do you discover from this story that resonates with you? How does help you in your journey with God at this specific stage of your life? In disparaging times or when facing a deep crisis of faith, what practices help your soul to trust the goodness of God despite the darkness of the day? Even though he might be disguised by your grief, how might you look today, for Jesus who walks beside you? Take a moment now to sit, breaking bread with Jesus through the vehicle of prayer. Let him warm your heart and give you renewed hope as you converse with him about all the happenings of your life.