Ordinary Time Readings: Sunday, November 2

Reading:  Genesis 37:3-11, 19-20, 26-28, 34-35 and Luke 22:47-53

  1. Out of our readings this week the theme of jealousy, betrayal, and murderous intent rise to the surface. As you read both accounts, Joseph and his brothers, Jesus and Judas, pay attention to what resonates with you. What are your own experiences with rivals and betrayers? How have you experienced jealousy and its relational effects in your life?
  2. God revealed Joseph’s divine destiny to rule through symbolic dreams. Sharing his destiny with his family, those closest to him, evoked incredulous misunderstanding that produced envy, jealousy and even murderous intent. The dynamics of this ancient family were complex and destructive. Where in your own family dynamics have you experienced conflicts and misunderstanding that led to painful rifts or broken relationships? How has resolution come to you and your family? Maybe there are still deep wounds and unresolved conflicts. Spend some time with God praying over your own family dynamics, either from the past or present.
  3. What do you notice about both Joseph and Jesus as they encounter brothers, friends who betray them with malice intent? Have you ever experienced betrayal? Have you ever been envious over another’s promotion or leadership role? Have you ever betrayed a friend, a loved one, or even yourself? Have you flip-flopped in loyalty that compromised a relationship? What was that like for you? How have you seen God work things out? How have you experienced forgiveness, acceptance, healing? Continue to talk to God about these deeply human emotions and relational dynamics.