Ordinary Time Readings: Sunday, July 27

Reading: Genesis 8:1, 15-17a, 20-22, 9:1, 11-17 and Matthew 26:26-29

  1. Continuing our journey in the story of the Flood, Noah and God’s interaction with humanity and creation, spend moments reading this week’s passage in Genesis. What captures your attention? Or captures your heart? Pause to give thanks, ask questions, or name your concerns as you dialogue with God about the on-going saga of relationality between God and his creation.
  2. As you consider God’s covenant promise made to his new creation and to humanity, how does it make you feel as you consider God’s relentless determination to be gracious and loving toward his children?
  3. God offers a sign of the covenant: a rainbow. A rainbow is a visual symbol of God’s faithfulness to his people. We see them in the skies after a storm – refracted rays of light catching water droplets producing varied colors of glimmering light to remind us of God’s faithfulness to generate new life and to cherish the glittering sacredness of that life. How does nature speak to you of the invisible attributes and promises of God? Remember one incident when nature declared the glories of God. How did it speak to you of the goodness of God or about the wondrous love of God? How have you experienced God’s faithfulness to bring new life to you? If you are struggling at present, make this a sacred moment of trust, even though the storm waters might not be clearing for you.
  4. In Matthew’s gospel we hear the invitation of Jesus as he takes the covenant promises of God to a new level of intimacy and assurance. Spend time with Jesus as you hear and receive his words. Let these moments be a type of preparation to come to the table this Sunday as we dine together on the goodness of our Saviors table feast!