Lent Reading: Sunday, March 16

Reading:  Matthew 17:1-9

Reflection Questions:

  1. Matthew alerts us to a time sequence in the first verse of our Gospel passage: Six days later… This detail signals that the event to be described is connected in some way to what happened prior. Sit with Matt.16:21-28 as you begin your reflections for this week. Matt.16:21 through Matt. 17:13 marks a pivot in Jesus’ ministry and life as he moves toward the cross and the things he would suffer. What do you notice, hear, sense or learn about suffering and Jesus’ mission as you read this broader Scriptural passage?
  1. At the transfiguration, a reality which for Jesus was a moment-by-moment experience was made manifest to a few of his friends. His true inner identity and his relationship with his Father is that which accompanied him into the suffering to come.  In your dark moments, how have you noticed the transforming brilliance of God with you?
  1. When Peter was quick to nervously interpret his experience with Jesus on the mountain, God interrupted and asked him to listen to his Son. How might space for silence create space for God to speak and reveal himself in your present circumstances?

– Elizabeth Khorey