Honor, Cherish, Adore the Trinity

VOW: (Thanks to Calhoun & Foster) I will intentionally give myself to what I value most; I will honor, cherish and adore the Trinity as supreme treasure of my life. Focusing on and responding to God, filling my soul with wonder at him, seeking first his kingdom, I will respond to God’s truth in loving obedience and by assigning ultimate value to God, I will knock down in my heart power, approval, success or control; I will work to insure that my lips and my heart are not far apart, or that the activities my life never add up to the Lord saying to me, “Go away from me…I never knew you…” Rather, seeking the transformation that comes by valuing God above else, I desire that my life will bring pleasure to God as I fill my mind and heart with the wonder of God, delighting in him and living out of gratitude; loving and enjoying God forever…with my truest inner being crying out: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty—the whole earth is full of his glory!

Take A Quiet moment: during Holy Week, how might you give special attention to honoring, cherishing and adoring the Trinity as supreme treasure of life?