Art Studio Retreat Day

Saturday June 11
9am – 1pm
Regina’s Art Studio, 160 S. Cypress, Orange (Old Town Orange)
Cost: $30.00 (scholarships available upon request)
Registration: Spaces limited to 25
Within the unique context of an artist’s studio, Holy Trinity invites you to join Elizabeth Khorey as she facilities a contemplative retreat day engaging artist, Regina Jacobson and her paintings as we explore the ways women are influenced, wounded and healed by concepts of beauty, image, clothing, and self-worth. Regina is a contemporary realist painter who depicts the human struggle and longing for approval and acceptance. She explores topics of choice, vulnerability, cultural influences, body image and spirituality in visual narratives that are provocatively ironic, poetic, playful and prophetic.

Light breakfast and snack foods served with beverages. Visit Regina’s website to view her portfolio:

Contact Elizabeth Khorey to reserve your spot: