The Journey Continues

Isn’t it a bit odd when people send out Christmas letters in January? Not a bad thing, just saying…

Or when neighbors leave their outdoor Christmas lights up until Valentines Day—what’s up with that? I have a childhood memory of my mom leaving the Christmas tree up so long one year that with her help we kids decorated it with Valentine’s Day paper hearts we cut out, colored and sprinkled with glitter. Ah—the 60s; those were simpler times!

The only thing worse than the things above is a pastor sending out a First-of-the-Year update the first week of March. I’ve had uncommon amounts of travel the first couple months of this year, but no excuses. I’ve topped my mom in being out of season!

After the challenges of moving and changing service times 15 months ago, Holy Trinity has some good traction again. I can feel the Holy Spirit with us when we gather to worship, as our intercessors pray and as we meet for various discipleship reasons. The vision for Holy Trinity is simple: we’re on a journey inward of spiritual transformation into Christlikenss and a journey outward as the cooperative friends of Jesus for the sake of others.

I still love the journey. Our God is indescribably vast and all of us will take our last breath both wanting more of him and knowing that more is indeed awaiting us in the first breath of eternity. As Ash Wednesday and Lent come upon us we have a distinctive opportunity to move a few steps further into the journey inward and the journey outward.

I still can’t find the regular placemats for the dining room table—I think I packed them away with the Christmas stuff.

– Todd Hunter