Sunday, September 6th

The Book of Nahum: Imagining the Kingdom
Readings: Nahum 1:1-15 and Mark 5:35-43

Reflection Questions

We continue our Ordinary Time journey through the Minor Prophets as we listen to Nahum, whose name means comfort. Nahum invites God’s people to look and listen for what’s really going on. Beneath the noise and hustle-bustle, beyond the voices of fear and struggle, God speaks, intervenes, and comforts his people. As you read, invite the Holy Spirit to expand your imagination for the activity of God’s rule and reign in your own every-day ordinary life.

  1. Read Nahum 1. Keep in mind the message of God’s judgment on Assyria and Nineveh isn’t meant to foster a righteous hatred for God’s enemies, but rather, Nahum helps God’s people focus on God sovereign, enduring work in the world. What do you discover about God and his purposes in Nahum 1? What truths help foster focus and comfort for your life?
  2. Narrow your attention to reflect quietly on Nahum 1:15. It is probably a familiar verse for most. Read it over a few times. What invitation, instruction, or encouragement do you hear in it? Is there something constructive you might want to do in response to what you hear?
  3. Read Mark 5:35-43. Notice the people’s astonishment at the work of Jesus in their home, with their daughter. How does the story of Jesus’ healing activity re-shape your imagination of the kingdom of God? How does the story break down limiting assumptions in your life? What’s been neglected in prayer because you’ve assumed things were done or God’s power couldn’t reach your concern? Take time now to ask, knock, seek. Who knows what might be brought back to life!