Sunday, September 20th

The Book of Habakkuk: No sign of fruit – wait, watch, listen
Readings: Habakkuk 1:1–2:14; 3:16-19 and Mark 6:14-29

Reflection Questions

Our journey with God’s prophets continues with Habakkuk. Here we hear a different side of the dance prophets danced with God. If we imagine a prophet as a “seer” (which is what they were called in ancient history) our prophet Habakkuk has no clear vision of the way forward. Waters are muddy; skies cloudy; the way forward seems backwards. Have you ever been a place like that?

  1. Read the prophet’s words in their entirety to get the full picture of his part in God’s story-line: Hab.1-3. There is a conversation taking place. In our other readings, it’s as if God was speaking to his people through the prophet. Here, Habakkuk speaks to God. Eavesdrop on his conversation. What do you hear? What resonates with you? Where do you discover help, encouragement? Where do you sense a shift in perspective from this to that? And, how might that subtle shift in perspective be a type of miracle for the soul?
  2. How does Habakkuk’s journey in prayer from restlessness and confusion to settled peace minister to you? What are you wrestling to understand or see more clearly? What counsel do you receive from your wise brother Habakkuk? How might you act on that counsel today?
  3. Read Mark 6:14-29. The story is of the beheading of John the Baptist, the brightest prophetic lamp as Jesus called him. How could this be? It’s incredulous! John, who was gifted, unique, a proclaimer of the Gospel…beheaded – and in such an ignoble way! What do you do when life just doesn’t make sense or seems even unjust or cruel? How do you handle the unknowns, uncertainties, cliff-hangers in your life? Talk to God in prayer. What might the Holy Spirit say in counsel to you?