Sunday, September 13th

The Book of Nahum: Imagining the Kingdom
Readings: Nahum 2:1-2, 8-10, 13; 3:1, 4-5, 19 and Mark 6:1-13

Reflection Questions

Reading Nahum 2-3 in a few translations especially The Message may be helpful as we journey with God through the prophetic oracle of Nahum.

  1. As you read Nahum 2-3, keep the big picture in view. What do you hear God say in terms of “comfort” in present distress, troubling times, and challenging opposition? What do you say to yourself, how do you pray when confronted with overwhelming opposition or distressing circumstances?
  2. Reflect on Nahum 2:2. God promises restoration to his people. How have you experienced seasons of restoration in your own life? Are you in a time of “ruin” waiting for some restorative and redemptive move of God in your life? Spend some time in prayer. Talk to God about the reality of your struggles or any shortsighted vision you might be experiencing. Ask for the grace to see from God’s perspective.
  3. Read Mark 6:1-13. What do you notice about the various groups of people and their reception of Jesus, the kingdom of God, and the power of God in their midst? What invitations do you find for your own everyday ordinary life in the Gospel passage? What might be limiting God to work in wondrous ways right where you are? Again, pray – confess what needs to be confessed; ask…seek…knock…open to God’s Presence with you!