Sunday, October 11th

The Book of Zephaniah
Readings: Zephaniah 3:8-20 and Mark 7:5-23

Reflection Questions

  1. As you read and reflect on Zephaniah 3:8-20, let it revive a vision for the future of God’s people.
    • In 3:9-10 what arises in you as the vision of a final day when all peoples will worship God comes to pass? (Consider companioning reflections in: Phil.2:5-11; Rev.7:9-12)
    • In 3:11-13 what characteristics do you discover that describe the people of God? What areas of your heart and life might you need the transformative power of the Holy Spirit to shape you into the image you see in Zephaniah?
    • In 3:14-15 what response do you want to make to God and his word?
    • In 3:16-20, what comfort do you derive from God’s word? Or, how might these promises be employed in prayer for your life and circumstances now?
  2. Read the gospel narrative in Mark 7:5-23. Consider the connections you have with God and others. In what ways do you notice flourishing? Give thanks!  In what ways do you notice struggle, frustration despair or areas that need change? God is in the midst! His presence is with-us! Take time to pray: ask, seek, examine your heart with God. Make space for God to shape your heart and will according to the image of his dear Son!