Sunday, November 8th

The Book of Zechariah (7-9)
Zechariah 10:6-10; 11:4-17; 13:1-6; 14:1-9, 16-21 and Mark 8:11-21

Reflection Questions

  1. When reading Zechariah 10-14, notice the “I will…” statements of God found scattered through this prophet oracle. What do you hear from God on behalf of his exiled people? What assurances or encouragements do you receive as you listen to what God will do?
  2. Where are you today? What do you notice as the most honest condition of your heart, your life? Have you lost hope? Are you living in unmet desires or broken dreams of a beautiful future? Do you feel like a lost sheep without a shepherd or someone who’s received too many heart-aches in life? Take moments to turn to God…maybe you don’t even have the strength to turn or doubt that if you did, he’d even care. Maybe turning to God might look more like a simple glance in God’s direction. God offers spiritual renewal to his people in all sorts of conditions. What might he want to offer you today?
  3. Read the Gospel passage in Mark 8:11-21. The Pharisees sought signs to test Jesus, wanting the grandeur of big miracles or wonders. Listen to Jesus as he counsels his disciples. Take a moment to examine your heart before your loving Father. Where or in what have you been looking for some signs of salvation? What are your expectations of God for meeting your needs or substantiating your faith? Take moments to remember where God has worked in your life before; where you’ve experienced his wondrous ways. Maybe today might be a day to simply move more deeply into trust rather than requests for big things. What might it look like to you to rest in an ever deepening trust that God is with you?