Sunday, November 29th

​Eucharist: The Presence of Real Hope

“​Above all therefore, let us believe those promises which Jesus Christ who is the unfailing truth has spoken with his own lips. He is truly willing to make us partakers of his body and blood in order that we may possess him wholly and in such wise that we may live in him and he in us.​”​
From John Calvin’s Eucharistic Liturgy

Readings: Psalm 33:1-5, 18-22, Rom. 5:1-11, John 6:35-40

Reflection Questions: On Art, Scripture and Holy Communion

  1. Artist Kari Dunham invites viewers to engage with their own personal narratives. Her work comments on the longing for deep and meaningful relationships. Kari incorporates home interiors, furniture, figures and personal objects as a stage for reflection on deep longing and how “home” has the potential of comfort and risk.
    Look at the Kari’s painting. Take moments to consider the scene. What do you see? How do the vignettes of figures and rooms speak of comfort, risk, a longing for relationship and belonging? Consider your own narrative, your home. It may or may not be a place of welcome and meaningful relationship. Talk to God about what is going on in your heart and life currently. Converse with God about your longings. Ask the Holy Spirit for a gift of comforting love.
  2. The title of Kari’s work is: Come to the Table. What does the invitation embedded in the title evoke in you (hesitation, cynicism, excitement, acceptance, desire, welcome, etc.)? Why? What’s going on in you as you hear the invitation and look at the homey portrait?
  3. Reflect on John Calvin’s comment about Holy Communion. When invited to Jesus’ table (all his friends are welcome to “come-eat-drink”) what do you think about? How do you feel? Do you sense comfort, risk? What do you hope to receive in communion with Jesus? What do you long for in relationship with God? Take moments now to enter more deeply into the welcome and generous hospitality of God as he bids…Come to my table (Jn.6:33-40).