Romans 4:13-25 and Mark 9:2-9

1. As you read Mark’s gospel account of Jesus’ journey to a high mountain with his friends, away from the crowds and work, what do you notice, hear, or see as an invitation to you for your every-day life or for your Lenten intentions?

2. As you reflect on Paul’s words about Abraham in Romans 4:13-25, consider the faith of Abraham in relation to the word of promise that came to him. Consider the limitations of the body, failures of faith, or lapses of integrity that Abraham had from what you know of his narrative in Genesis. What encourages you from this passage? What challenges you from this passage? What do you hear God saying to you from this passage?

3. Considering your own Lenten pilgrimage, as you provide intentional “fasts” of any sort to your seasonal practices in order to provide your soul with a “feast” with God, how might these two biblical passages fortify you on your journey with God?