Sunday, June 28th

The Book of Joel: “The Reality of God in our Midst”
Readings: Joel 1:1-2, 4, 10, 14-15, 19; Joel 2:12-14, 18-19, 26-32 and Mark 2:1-12

Reflection Questions

  1. The prophet’s voice beacons people to “awake” to God in the face of an epic plague of locust that swept through the land destroying crops, land, livelihood. The one plague set off a chain of other subsequent disasters: fire, drought, etc. What epic disasters have you witnessed in your life-time? Can you recall how you felt as you either experienced it or saw it on the news? What were your thoughts? What were your questions? How did you pray? How did you respond? What did you notice about your faith in God during these times? Is there some great crisis or circumstance that seems overwhelming, out of your control, that is affecting your life or livelihood at the moment? Take moments to awaken to your greatest need, deepest emotions, or the questions you have that seem unanswerable.
  2. Spend time listening deeply to the plea of God and offer of mercy found in Joel 2:12-14, 18-19. Read and sit with Joel 2: 26-32 as the promise of God’s Spirit poured out upon his people is described. What do you ascertain from these words? How do you see God through this prophet’s perspective? What invitations for your own life do hear? How might you respond in prayer or deed?