Readings: Colossians 3:12-17; Matthew 22:35-40

1. As you quietly reflect on Jesus’ words in Matt.22:35-40, consider what kind of person he is describing. What kind of character or “heart” might he be envisioning?

2. Reflect on what we are to “put on” as Jesus’ dearly loved friends from Paul’s imperative in Col.3:12-17. How might these virtues or attributes depict the kind of person Jesus described in Matt.22:35-40?

3. Sit with God inviting him to “search your heart” (Ps.139:23-24). In what areas of your own character formation might you need help developing the virtues listed in Col.3:12-17? In what areas do you recognize growth or expansion of your capacity to love and serve with compassion or offer generous forgiveness to others? Talk to God about these things.

4. How might gratitude in all things cultivate the attributes described in Col.3:12-17? How might gratitude cultivate the “otherly-ness” that Jesus described in Matt. 22:35-40?

5. Spend moments giving thanks. Notice what happens in you as you connect with God in prayer and thanksgiving.