Rest – Is It Possible?

In a recent sermon by Pastor Todd [listen], he held up a cell phone and referred to it as a modern Tower of Babel. Then following Sunday, Mike McNichols [listen]  spoke about the fear and freedom that we have when confronted with not having access to our smartphones – resulting in no time to rest.

I was directly confronted with this battle while traveling home to Sweden for a wedding.  Immersed in this beautiful country, surrounded by family and friends, but not having access to the world, via my smartphone, was quite a challenge – I regretfully admit.  Who was emailing me? What was being posted on Facebook and Instagram? Honestly, it was, as Mike described it, “a blend of fear and freedom”.  But, it didn’t take too long for FREEDOM to dominate and defeat the fear.

Since coming home, I’ve kept my phone in my pocket or on my desk – in silent mode.  When I wake up I don’t run toward the connectivity, instead, I embrace the quiet for a bit. Only after my spirit is settled will I get to my morning tasks, start working on my days’ projects and begin connecting with the rest of the world.

How does your day start? Are your waking moments jump-started with social media, email or news? What would it look like for you to create spacious moments of connecting with God before friends and the world? Experiment with a morning practice that includes a few deep breaths, some thoughtful reflections or quiet prayer. The freedom you will feel is worth it.