Practices For A Life Epiphany

During the Season of Epiphany we are looking at the ways we steward a whole life. Todd suggests a few very simple spiritual practices to consider incorporating into our every day spheres of life. These practices alert us to ways we might live more deeply into the uniqueness of our personhood, calling and co-operative friendship with Jesus for the sake of others.

  • Notice others; make acquaintances
  • Live a humble life of love among them
  • Listen, pray, dialog (without pressure for answers or controlling outcomes; once you pick up a conversation to steer it, it becomes a pitch)
  • Serve in small, genuine ways
  • Love and reveal God’s love

In moments of quiet thoughtfully ask yourself:

Who do you notice in your life ?

What has God given you in the way of natural abilities and spiritual gifts through which you can look for opportunities to love and serve them?

Listen to Todd’s sermon – Stewards of Natural Abilities & Spiritual Gifts (mp3)

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