Pentecost Sunday Readings: Sunday, June 8

Reading:  John 7:35-39

Reflection Questions:

  1. Jesus describes spiritual realities and experiences through the common physical aspects of water: a thirst quencher; a powerful, moving body of water.  Read his invitation to all believers in John 7:37-38.  Where in your life do you sense your own thirst (relationally, financially, emotionally, circumstantially, etc)? Maybe you are experiencing a drought or stagnation in your spiritual life. Identify your own internal and/or external experiences becoming conscious of your need.
  2. How do you hear this invitation as it pertains to your own heart and life today? Do you sense any resistance to come to Jesus? What might hinder you from receiving from him? Sometimes the thing that damns the water flow is simply not admitting our neediness of a life source outside of ourselves. How might you respond to God? You may want to spend time in confession or a space to wrestle with areas of unbelief, doubt, confusion. Take those moments now to talk honestly with God.
  3. With the areas of your life and heart identified as needing refreshment, openly ask the Holy Spirit to come and quench your thirst, to flow with grace and power into drought stricken areas of your life, both physically and spiritually.  It may assist you to sit or stand in prayer with a receptive body posture (hands and arms open wide, etc) as you ready your own spirit to receive from God’s Spirit.