Ordination of Priests

Friday, September 9 at 7:00 pm
Vanguard University, Needham Chapel

The Rev. Dr. Thomas James Carmody
Holy Trinity Church is delighted to announce the ordination of The Rev. Dr. Tom Carmody to the sacred order of Priests. Tom has served Holy Trinity with selflessness, grace and others-oriented love for six years. It is now time for him to take to next step in his calling. As a priest in the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others, Tom will assist with priestly duties at Holy Trinity and other Anglican churches in Southern California as the occasion arises. In the coming years Tom will also have the crucial role of expressing the commitment and love that Holy Trinity church has for Vanguard University. Acting as something like our ambassador to Vanguard, Tom will cultivate times of spiritual refreshment and growth for students, faculty and staff.

Please join us as Tom is ordained priest and launched into a fresh phase of his vocation.

The Rev. Kevin Michael Craik
Holy Trinity Church is delighted to announce the ordination of The Rev. Kevin Craik to the sacred order of Priests. Kevin has solidified his calling as an Anglican priest and church planter while participating at Holy Trinity as a lay person and serving as a deacon. After a process of learning and discernment, it is now time for Kevin to take the next step in his calling. In early September Kevin, Melissa and Jameson will move to Everett, WA to launch a new Anglican church. A couple years ago Bishop Todd created a church planting partnership in Greater Seattle between Evangelical Churches, The Diocese of Cascadia and The Diocese of Churches For The Sake Of Others. This partnership provides a great environment and relational connections that add up to a wonderful support structure in which a young priest can find his wings and fly!

Please join us as Kevin is ordained priest and sent to his new place and role in ministry.