Ordinary Time Readings: Sunday, November 9

Reading: Genesis 39:1-23 and John 14:25-31

1. In our readings this week we find Joseph in suffering and compromising situations. Yet there is one line in the story that is a game-changer: “Now the Lord was with Joseph and he prospered.” What do you discover about God’s eternal plans fulfilled in Joseph as you read his story at this stage of his life? How have you experienced prosperity in the midst of less than ideal circumstances or in trials of faith?

2. Joseph experienced great betrayal, mistreatment and slander from those he was serving. Have you ever experienced something similar in your life? What did that feel like? How did you respond? Did you ever experience God with you in those harsh moments? Joseph was also compromised and tempted. What about his story resonates with you and your own life experiences? How has God’s help come to you in times of harsh treatment or temptation? Has there ever been a time when you’ve given in and experienced failure when faced with compromising situations? What was that like? How did you experience God in your failure?

3. How does Jesus’ description of the Holy Spirit in John 14:25-31 encourage you today? Maybe you are enduring suffering in some form currently. Take time now to talk to Jesus as you would a friend, and ask for the help offered to you through the life-giving power of the Holy Spirit who is with you.