Monday: John 18:1-11
Tuesday: John 18:12-18
Wednesday: John 18:19-27
Thursday: John 18:28-32
Friday: John 18:33-40

1.    Once Jesus is bound and taken away by the temple guard, the remaining disciples are left standing alone. Put yourself among them. What are the thoughts going through your mind? What do you think you might have lost?

2.    In this text Peter appears to move from reckless courage (attacking the high priest’s servant with a sword) to tentative fear (his three denials). What do you think accounts for the shift in his behavior? Why do you think it is significant that both of these things take place as Peter positions himself in close proximity to Jesus?

3.    When Jesus speaks of testifying and belonging to “the truth,” Pilate asks (probably in a rhetorical way), “What is truth?” Why do you think that no answer is provided to Pilate’s question? Does this say something to you about how you determine what is true in relationship to Jesus?