Desiring To Love God

Working again with Adele Calhoun, The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook and Richard Foster: The Spirit of the Disciplines:

Desiring to make my life redemptive and life giving, allowing me to teach others and share my faith… and knowing that God is a communicating God and that he has used words to communicate to human beings since the Garden—and acknowledging that scripture is a primary way that Holy Spirit reveals God to us: I will attend to the God who speaks—to the reality and wonder of his word. Desiring the transformation of my being through the renewing of my mind, I seek to know what the Bible says and how it informs and intersects with my life. Thus I will focus my attention on it, seeking to understand and apply its truths to my actual life. Desiring to love God with my mind and to internalize his word, I will get the means necessary to do so: dictionaries, commentaries, study guides, teachers, etc.