Are You Listening?

Our task in the coming season: listen for the Spirit to teach us about how to be faithful followers of Jesus in the ordinary, but difficult times in which we live.

The challenging days in which we live are nothing new: listen to this prayer from The Dark Ages (7th century).

Hear us O never-failing Light, Lord our God, our only light, the fountain of light…May our souls be lamps of yours, sparked and illuminated by you. May our souls shine and burn with the truth, and never go out in darkness and ashes. May we be shining from your light, may our lamps be burning and not be extinguished. Being filled with the splendor of our Lord Jesus Christ, may we shine forth inwardly; may the gloom of sins be cleared away, and the light of perpetual faith abide with us.

Listen to the associated sermon.  Click here.