Advent Readings: Sunday December 8, 2013

Readings: Isaiah 11:1-10 and Matthew 3:1-12

During Advent, the lectionary readings often focus on the nature of God’s kingdom and future events of restoration when Jesus returns to earth. These prophetic readings mingle with others that expressly invite us to respond now with repentance and readiness in light of our future hope of Christ’s Second Advent.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What’s cluttering your path, your heart, your life? Can you identify obstacles that keep you from intimacy with God?
  2. What areas in your life are you working hard to fix the messy parts of your life rather than entering the peace and rest that comes from returning to God who heals and guides?
  3. Where might God be inviting you into repentance, to make paths straight?
  4. Take a few moments to reflect on the depiction of Jesus from Isaiah 11:1-5. How might these words help you to turn to God? Into what areas of your life might you ask: Holy Spirit come… with wisdom, insight and the fear of the Lord?

– Elizabeth Khorey and Michelle Sudduth