Youth Game Night

Saturday, April 18 6:00 pm
​The Youth of Holy Trinity will be gathering at The Johnson’s home for games, pizza and a whole lot of fun as Erika and John Saladino​ host the first Game Night.
​RSVP: Erika Saladino at
Location: Michelle & Mark Johnson’s home

Sunday, March 8

Readings: 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 and John 2:13-22

1. As you Jesus’ exchange in the temple, place yourself in the story as an observer. Take in the sights and sounds. Quietly imagine yourself watching Jesus as he comes in and encounters the market place atmosphere. What do you feel as you watch the scene unfold? What strikes you about Jesus’ demeanor? What thoughts go through your mind as you listen to his exchange with the religious leaders of his day?

2. Read through the gospel again. What invitations do you notice for yourself from this narrative?

3. It seems clear that as the dialogue continues between Jesus and the religious leaders that he alludes to a deeper meaning of the temple. Often we give attention to our physical life while the deeper things of the heart go unattended. Understandably! We have real tangible needs, we participate in a concrete world of relationships and market place exchanges. The immediate material needs of our everyday life often scream for immediate attention without the space to check inner motivations, compulsions, or attitudes.  Give yourself time to be present to your own heart. Without judgement or criticism, ask God to search your heart to discover harmful ways in you (Ps.139:23-24). Let Jesus come into your temple and point out where “house-cleaning” might be in order. Give him room to overturn tables and cleanse those things that keep you from the free flow of the spiritual life God intends for you.

Solitude : Lent

Henry Nouwen (The Way of the Heart) on solitude: In solitude we get rid of the scaffolding of our lives: no noise, no people, just vulnerable, weak me. Solitude is the furnace in which the transformation of our compulsive self occurs. Thus we seek solitude as an aspect of an overall plan to deal with the great struggle and the great encounter with God that is necessary for unconditional surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ—not drifting along, passively accepting societies’ views and values that form a dangerous web of domination manipulation—its social compulsions, creating in us false selves who seek affirmation through living by false values. From this conversion flows a quality of heart, and inner disposition, an authentic life and authentic ministry to others…

To peruse such a life…(adapted from Adele Calhoun; Spiritual Disciplines Handbook) I desire to find time alone with God to address my addictions to being seen, being connected and being active; I will steep my imagination in the scriptural themes of — go into your room and close the door…slip away…go off alone…send the crowds of your life away; find some seclusion…I will then schedule uninterrupted retreat from people and activities in a distraction-free environment, to rest…to be refreshed by letting all demands and outcomes flutter away from my racing mind; to invite God to work deeply on my hidden motivations and compulsions and thus re-focus on what is really most important—so that the world would not squeeze me into its mold but rather that I can offer my present life to God as a living sacrifice…

Lenten Journey into a Holy Observance

Working with Adele Calhoun (The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook), for my Lenten journey into a holy observance, I desire periods silence to free myself from the addiction to, and distraction of noise; I pursue silence as a regenerative practice of attending to and listening to God; I do so trusting the testimony of scripture that there is a holy silence, a gentle whisper that Jesus found when he often withdrew to quiet, lonely places…as led by the Holy Spirit, the agent and guide of transformation, I will begin to make the practical changes necessary to set aside time for silence—to leave behind the competing demands of the outer world for time alone with Jesus; I do so in pursuit of the fruit and power of the Spirit: in the Lenten quest for a positive focus on the goodness and greatness of the resurrected Christ and attentive love for others…