Sunday, August 2nd

The Book of Obadiah: “From Victim to New Vocation”
Readings: Obadiah 1-3, 10-15, 19-21 and Mark 4:3-20

Reflection Questions

Our Old Testament prophet this week is Obadiah. His message spans just twenty-one verses. Read the book in its entirety to get the full flavor of this servant of Yahweh (meaning of his name!).

  1. As you read the prophetic message of Obadiah, consider the title of this week’s reflection: from victim to new vocation. Edom bullied Israel out of deeply rooted pride. What comes to mind as you consider God’s words about pride, about the end of those who victimize others for personal gain or power? Have you ever experienced some sort of victimization from someone? What was the like? How did you feel? Did you find yourself wanting to seek revenge in unhealthy or destructive ways? What happened? Where did you find help or healing? Maybe you feel like a victim now. What saves you?
  2. God seems to offer another way for Israel but it takes the long view (v.21). What might it look like for you to take the wounds, injuries, suffering you’ve received from others and invite God into your pain so that you might experience a deeper transformative work of healing? What might you imagine God would like to do for you or with your wounds? In the end, what did God do with Jesus’ wounds? As you consider these things, you may want to prayerfully read: 2 Cor.4:17-18 or Romans 8. Might your wounds be an invitation into a new vocation, even as Jesus invites others to touch his wounds to experience redemptive love? How has past woundedness become a sacred witness to others of God’s rescue and healing?
  3. If you have some time, slowly read and reflect on Obadiah 10-15, God’s corrective to prideful Edom. Ask yourself, where do I find pride cropping up in me? How has or is pride manifesting in my life or behaviors? Sit with 1 Cor.13:1-13. Love deposes pride by God’s Spirit. Talk to God about these things. What do you sense you needing most from God?
  4. How might you creatively engage others in your spheres of influence as an ambassador of the Kingdom of God (v.21)? You might want to experiment with our Ordinary Time spiritual discipline that emerges from Rom.12:1 and the description of God’s redeemed people in Titus 2:14, who are …Eager to do what is good…

    Bless someone
    Eat with someone
    Listen to the Spirit
    Learn from the Gospels
    Reflect (journal) your experience

(Taken with gratitude from Surprise the World, by Michael Frost)

Sounds of Summer Worship

myholytrinitychurch-Bob_BennettSunday, August 2: Bob Bennett
Bob’s career launched on 1979 with a folk-style debut recording and continues today in mainstream folk music scene. Bob’s ability to write songs about other than typical “spiritual” topics has always made him stand out a bit from his peers.

myholytrinitychurch-Classical_TrioSunday, August 9: Classical Trio
Musical artists from Christ’s Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA will join Holy Trinity as we celebrate the worship through the sounds of transcendent classical music. A piano, cello and violin will comprise the trio of artists.

myholytrinitychurch-Andy_ParkSunday, August 16: Andy Park
Andy is a worship leader, songwriter and pastor in the Vineyard movement for over three decades. In 2012, he joined a team that is planting a new church in Guildford, Surrey, B.C called Surrey Vineyard.

myholytrinitychurch-Ryan_WebsterSundays, August 23 & 30: Ryan Webster
Ryan Webster is an american recording artist, with a degree in music (classical guitar). He is a songwriting, touring musician and produces music.His music has been featured on major TV network shows. His debut solo album “The Point of Pointlessness”  was released in 2013 with Los Angeles based independent music label, Catbeach Music.

Sunday, July 26th

The Book of Amos: “Defender of the Downtrodden”
Readings: Amos 7:7-9, Amos 9:11-15 and Mark 3:22-35

Reflection Questions
(The chapters covered in this week’s reflections are Amos 6-9. Consider reading them in their entirety.)

  1. Read Amos 7:7-9. Pause to consider the picture God showed Amos. (If you do not know what a plumb line is or how it is used, search for an image and description of it on line.) What comes to mind as you consider the picture of a plumb line against a wall? Consider the broad spectrum of the building metaphor hinted at here by a plumb line against a wall. What might God be trying to say to Israel? What wisdom for your own life, relationship to God and with others do you garner from the metaphor? Are there any areas in your life that seem off kilter, out of alignment with God, or weakened, ready to collapse because of building without a plumb line? What might need to happen or change to build well and for the long haul? Talk to God about these things.
  2. Read Amos 9:11-15. Here’s our hint of hope, a glimpse of restoration. What do you hear? What’s envisioned? What gives encouragement? Are there areas in your life that have fallen down, or are broken by sin or by being sinned against? Where do you see the need for repair? Are there creative ways you might seek repair? What might restoration look like for you? Fashion your thoughts and longings for restoration into a prayer before God – the Repairer of the breach and the Restorer of things lost and broken.
  3. Consider the Gospel reading in Mark 3:22-35 as you conclude these reflections. You may want to read the passage slowly a few times to really listen to what confronts Jesus, how he responds, what he is saying to his followers. Which of Jesus’ words and responses resonates most with you? Why? Notice if it is related to what you are confronted with in your own life? How do you understand the connection between doing God’s will and intimate kinship (family relationship)?

Take a moment in silence to hear again these words of Jesus as you take them to heart:

The person who obeys God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.
(The Message)

The Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Sunday, September 20th after worship service (11:30 am)​

The Holy Trinity’s Women’s Book Group invites you to join us as we gather to discuss Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book The Infidel.

​Location: Panera Bread at Harbor and Baker (3030 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626).
For address and additional information contact: