Caring for our
local and global community


Following Jesus Into the World

Jesus’ incarnation teaches us at least one thing: he was the model of otherliness. The Father sent the Son to seek, save, help, deliver, heal, and usher people into life in the kingdom. Because our intent is to follow Jesus, Holy Trinity Church seeks to do the same.

Local Mission

We desire to be a resource for good to those locally and we are delighted to do so. Currently, we work with local schools, refugees in our community, and we serve families abused by human sex-trafficking.

Global Mission

Holy Trinity Church is expanding our outreach by partnering with global agencies to advocate for the vulnerable and displaced in the world.

Short-Term Mission

Holy Trinity Church supports those within our congregation who engage missional outreach activities around the world including India, Ethiopia, Russia, Dominican Republic, Africa. 


There are few social arenas where we are free to explore the larger questions of life so that we can discover our own religious beliefs, convictions and practices. Given this reality, we are learning to be faithful and effective conversation partners to an ever church-rejecting world modeling from the heart, civil discourse that engages God-sized questions of life. Holy Trinity Church is on a quest to facilitate a relaxed, angst-free moments (for instance The Alpha Course) where the only rules of engagement are trust, respect, honesty and grace, wherein no question is too naïve and no statement is too harsh if it comes from a true, exploratory place in one’s heart.

Our Mission Projects

Our ongoing outreach to our local and global community

Sonora Elementary

Holy Trinity Church seeks to be a consistent, compassionate and practical presence to the staff and children at Sonora Elementary School in Costa Mesa, California.  We embody that intention by providing scholarship funds for ROCKS, an after-school program that provides children with a safe, healthy place to be after school. We provide material and monetary relief when a crisis occurs within the Sonora community. We encourage the faculty and staff with note cards at the start of each school year and Holy Trinity Church’s intercessory prayer team is committed to praying for the families and staff of Sonora Elementary.

Human Trafficking

In conjunction with Orangewood Foundation and iSanctuary, Holy Trinity Church is committed to practically assisting those who have been rescued from human trafficking in Orange County and internationally. We support these agencies and the people they serve by providing donations of practical items needed for day-to-day living at the shelters, assisting in the administrative office, and with internet tutoring for those who need assistance with the English language.

World Relief

In 2017, Holy Trinity Church partnered with World Relief to sponsor an Afghani family. Our “Good Neighbor Team” has assisted with the family’s transition into a new culture after the loss of everything in their relocation. We’ve also assisted with the pursuit of employment, medical and dental care, school enrollment for the children, providing transportation, help to obtain a driver’s license and new car. With the family launched and the current restriction on refugees’ arrival, Holy Trinity Church seeks continued partnership with World Relief to provide assistance for refugees already settled in the community.

Lifewater International

In 2017, Holy Trinity Church sponsored a water project in Bensa region of Ethiopia, and continue to partner with the ongoing work of Lifewater International to provide clean water wells, sanitary toilet facilities, community education, and improved health and hope to vulnerable women, men, and children living in extreme poverty in multiple locations around the world. Backed by data and 40+ years experience, Lifewater’s “Healthy Village model” is field tested and proven to create lasting change. It involves everyone from the mother in the village to donors like us who make it all possible.

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