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J.I. Packer’s book Keep Step with the Spirit

Sunday, May 17 after worship service (11:30 am)​

The Holy Trinity’s Women’s Book Group invites you to join us as we gather to discuss J.I. Packer’s book Keep Step with the Spirit.  We gather at Panera Bread, 3030 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa​.

May Monthly Gathering With Larry Warner

The Surprising Virtue of Indifference: ​Not as an uncaring attitude but as a core characteristic of Jesus.

LarryPhotoLarry Warner, author of Journey with Jesus and friend of Holy Trinity Church will be joining us on May 15. Larry will speak on the topic surprising virtue of indifference. Larry views indifference as a core characteristic of Jesus that if embraced can begin to free us from disordered attachments so we can live more fully into and out of who God has created us to be. Indifference enables us to stand with Christ, for Christ and follow Jesus as he leads us through the Holy Spirit. We are limited to 30 people at the gathering.Dessert and refreshments will be served.

Date: Friday May 15, 2015
Time: 7pm-9pm
R.S.V.P.: Sarah Bacher

June ​Newcomer’s Dinner

April Monthly Gathering

The Person and Power Of the Holy Spirit: Empowering Followers of Jesus to Live for the Sake of Others

April Monthly Gathering
Friday, April 17 at 7:00 pm
The Hunter’s Home

Receiving and interacting with the Spirit is not intuitive for most of us. We wonder: Who is the Spirit? What does the Spirit do? How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? How do I engage with the Spirit without being weird?

The Spirit can and does work as he pleases in any kind of person. He quietly companions us in every aspect of life, teaching us to do all that Jesus taught was best, working all things to good over the course of an entire life as he both transforms our character and gives us spiritual gifts to serve others.

Exploring this Eastertide theme will be the focus of our April Monthly gathering. Join Todd Hunter and Elizabeth Khorey as they facilitate our conversations over dessert.