Belief into Confidence

God is invisible, not in the sense of being unreal, but invisible only in the sense that human eyes are not capable of seeing him. There are specs of dust all around you that you cannot see. You are not seeing ultraviolet or inferred light. But, if we brought in some special equipment you could then see this light. Oh how I wish we could hold Jesus up to our culture and say, 'through him you can see what you can't normally see.

Trinitarian Reality

What does God think when he thinks about YOU? If you want to know what God thinks about you, you have to know him in essence and that is – he is, from all of eternity, a lover of persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. What he thinks about you comes out of the essence of who he is.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit can be mishandled by overuse. The Holy Spirit can also be grieved by being ignored. Paul said to eagerly desire the gifts, the greater gifts.

We interact with the Holy Spirit by asking.

Where Now Is Authority

Authority has a moral component to it.