Sunday, September 4th

Readings: 1 Corinthians 1:10; 3:4-13; 4:1-2 and John 17:20-26

Seventh Anniversary Sunday

Sunday, September 25
On September 25th Holy Trinity Church celebrates seven years of ministry! Our little mustard seed of a church plant is growing into a sustainable tree we hope will serve the purposes of God and the needs of our community for decades to come. We consistently hear testimonies of God’s love and power through Holy Trinity – not bragin’, just sayin’! Your God-inspired love, support and dedication have made all this happen! So let’s all celebrate God, our past, our future and each other!

Letting Our Light Shine Through Gentleness

Why is there so little gentleness in human conversation? Gentleness is not intuitive when ones truest desires is to win or to position ones self or to get attention or clicks.

Baptisms, First Communion, Confirmation & Reception

Classes: October 2-23
Sacrament Service: October 30
Every journey begins with a first step. And if the journey is substantial or especially meaningful, such a first step involves preparation. The journey in the way of Jesus includes initial steps such as baptism, confirmation, first communion or reception in the church. In order to live into their full benefit, these first steps of following Jesus require some preparation. As such, on October 2 – 23 Holy Trinity will be hosting 4 classes for children to prepare them (and their parents) for baptism, confirmation or first communion. A youth class with do the same. Adults are invited to have an initial conversation with Beth or Todd after which the details of preparation will be determined. If you and or your children are ready to make this first step, or simply want to inquire about it, please contact Beth Khorey,

We look forward to being on the journey to Christlikeness with you,

~Todd Hunter