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Quiet | Spirit

becoming still...
engaging The Presence of God

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discovering The Way of Truth

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Beauty | Sacrament

seeing the glittering sacredness of life

Vision and Mission

We are on twin, synergistic journeys—the journey inward and the journey outward.

We pursue biblically based, grace-enabled spiritual transformation in order to be the cooperative friends of Jesus who, for the sake of others, live constant lives of creative goodness through the power of the Holy Spirit.
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FALL 2014


8:45 am | Coffee & Community on the patio
9:00 am | Worship Service



Why is Spiritual Growth So Slow? | September Monthly Gathering
Friday, September 26, 2014
RSVP Required

The Divine Conspiracy | Men’s Reading Group
Saturday, September 27 | 8:30am

Holy Trinity Church | 5th Anniversary
Sunday, September 28 @ Needham Chapel


Party at the Hunter’s
Friday, October 3, 2014

Taking Off Our Shoes: A Retreat Day at Mission San Luis Rey
Saturday, October 4, 2014
RSVP Required

Baptisms and First Communion Service
Sunday, October 5, 2014

Following Jesus: Piecing Together The Story We Find Ourselves In A Review of the Anglican Catechism
Sundays, October 12, 19, 26 and November 2, 9, 15

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8:45 am – Coffee & Community
9:00 am – Worship Service


Livingstone Church
2987 Mesa Verde Drive East
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Peace Of Heart

August 18, 2014
“It is generally safe to say that noise and turmoil in the interior life are signs of inspirations that proceed from our own emotion or from some spirit that is anything but holy. The inspirations of the Holy Ghost are quiet for God speaks in the silent depths of the Spirit. His voice brings peace. It does not arouse excitement, but allows it because excitement belongs to uncertainty. The voice of God is certitude. If he moves us to motion, we go forward…

Miss The Mark

July 25, 2014
Trying to not sin doesn’t work for the vast majority of Christians. Why? Endeavoring to not do something is too weak of a vision. It is not compelling enough. Not just with big things like God, but even with something as mundane as diet and exercise. Trying to not eat sugar or bread gets most of us now where. Bringing eating habits under control too often only follows a heart attack or diagnosis of diabetes or constant joint pain from inflammation caused…

Miracles and the Expansion of the Church

July 17, 2014
There are conversations floating around the cyber world about how the more developed theologies of the north and west (mostly Europe and North America) might help inform and shape the church as it emerges in the south and east (Africa, Latin America, Asia). As the historian Mark Noll points out, while the church of the southern hemisphere might have all sorts of denominational affiliations, beneath it all is an underlying Pentecostalism—that is, a belief…
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Repentance Is Not An Emotion

July 11, 2014
Repentance is not an emotion. It is not feeling sorry for your sins. It is a decision. It is deciding that you have been wrong in supposing that you could manage your own life and be your own god; it is deciding that you were wrong in thinking that you had, or could get, the strength, education and training to make it on your own; it is deciding that you have been told a pack of lies about yourself and your neighbors and your world. And it is deciding that…

Rest – Is It Possible?

July 3, 2014
In a recent sermon by Pastor Todd [listen], he held up a cell phone and referred to it as a modern Tower of Babel. Then following Sunday, Mike McNichols [listen]  spoke about the fear and freedom that we have when confronted with not having access to our smartphones – resulting in no time to rest. I was directly confronted with this battle while traveling home to Sweden for a wedding.  Immersed in this beautiful country, surrounded by family and friends,…

'Do' versus 'Live'

June 24, 2014
"There is a huge difference between Christianity viewed as something to do versus something to live. The word “do” implies rules, regulations, and sheer obedience. “Live,” on the other hand, calls to mind holism, groundedness, and thoughtfulness – it implies organic rhythms and routines." - Todd Hunter (Giving Church Another Chance, Chapter 1) For instance we do our quiet times of prayer or Bible study thinking that "now I've got to get back to…

A Poem for Pentecost

June 5, 2014
Unless the eye catch fire, The God will not be seen. Unless the ear catch fire The God will not be heard. Unless the tongue catch fire The God will not be named. Unless the heart catch fire, The God will not be loved. Unless the mind catch fire, The God will not be known. William Blake (1757-1827) from Pentecost On the day of Pentecost the disciples found themselves to be in a highly flammable condition. They had been obedient to Jesus' command…

Being Present and Closing the Distance

May 27, 2014
I read a great article yesterday in TIME by Joel Stein about the Millennial generation. I’ve done some study about generational cohorts and I find all of this stuff very interesting. However, I also find the ongoing micro-cohorting to be somewhat distressing. The more strictly we define generational cohorts (Builders, Silent Generation, Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, etc.) the more we separate from one another. We already find it natural to separate through…
Holy Trinity Church 2014