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Todd Hunter

myholytrinity-Our_Character_At_Work-Todd_HunterMany leaders need to win (and thus humiliate others), need to get their way (and thus threaten others), need to be seen in a positive light (and thus blame others), need to give good news to those they report to (and thus intimidate others into fudging reports when necessary), and need to be seen as powerful in every setting (and thus speak condescendingly to others). Our Character at Work demonstrates that leadership is more effective and ethical when done in servant-led ways.

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Todd’s Podcast on Our Character at Work

On this podcast, hosted by Art Barter, President of Servant Leadership Institute, Todd discusses key points from his new book.


Dallas Willard

  • The Divine Conspiracy
  • Hearing God
  • Knowing Christ Today
  • The Great Omission
  • Renovation of the Heart

Richard Foster

  • Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home
  • Sanctuary of the Soul
  • The Freedom of Simplicity
  • Streams of Living Waters
  • Devotional Classics

Eugene Peterson

  • A Long Obedience in the Same Direction
  • Practice Resurrection
  • Leap Over a Wall
  • Eat This Book
  • Under the Unpredictable Plant


  • Evangelicals On The Canterbury Trail, Robert Webber
  • Evangelical is Not Enough, Thomas Howard
  • The Spirit of Anglicanism, Thomas Wolf, John Booty, Owen Thomas
  • Beyond Bells and Smells, Mark Galli
  • Anglican Spirit, Michael Ramsey
  • Love’s Redeeming Work: The Anglican Quest for Holiness, Geoffrey Rowell, Kenneth Stevenson, Rowan Williams
  • The Study of Anglicanism, Stephen Sykes, John Booty, Jonathan Knight
  • Anglicanism and the Christian Church, Paul Avis
  • Anglican Identities, Rowan Williams
  • The Living Church, John Stott
  • Our Anglican Heritage: Can an Ancient Church Be a Church of the Future? John W. Howe, Sam C. Pascoe

Spiritual Formation

  • The Spirit of the Disciplines: Understanding How God Changes Lives, Dallas Willard
  • The Celebration of the Disciplines: The Path to Spiritual Growth, Richard Foster
  • The Way of the Heart, Henri Nouwen
  • Invitations to a Journey: A road Map for Spiritual Formation, M. Robert Mulholland Jr.
  • Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices That Transform Us, Adele Ahlberg Calhoun
  • Living the Christian Year: Time to Inhabit the Story of God, Bobby Gross
  • Surrender to Love: Discover the Heart of Christian Spirituality, David Benner

The Arts and Faith

  • Art and the Bible, Francis Schaffer
  • Art for God’s Sake: A Call to Recover the Arts, Philip Graham Ryken
  • For the Beauty of the Church: Casting Vision for the Arts, W. David O. Taylor
  • The Evidential Power of Beauty: Science and Theology Meet, Thomas Dubay, S.M.
  • The Substance of Things Seen: Art, Faith, and the Christian Community, Robin M. Jensen
  • Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling, Andy Crouch