2013-12-29: Unexpected Consequence (Ian DiOrio) [mp3]

2013-12-24: Living In A Story [mp3]

2013-12-22: The Story and Orientation [mp3]

2013-12-15: Are You The One To Come? [mp3]

2013-12-08: Splashy and Spectacular (Mike McNichols) [mp3]

2013-12-01: The Advent Hope [mp3]

2013-11-24: The Feast of Christ the King [mp3]

2013-11-17: Seven Signs [mp3]

2013-11-10: The Seven “I AM” Statements [mp3]

2013-11-03: What do you do when God stops making sense? [mp3]

2013-10-27: Chosen by God (Mike McNichols) [mp3]

2013-10-06: Four Years – Holy Trinity [mp3]

2013-08-25: Andrew – Simon Peter’s Brother (Dennis Okholm) [mp3]

2013-08-18: When You Die [mp3]

2013-08-11: The Good Shepherd (Ian DiOrio) [mp3]

2013-08-04: Reasons Why (Mike McNichols) [mp3]

2013-07-28: Is repression the best I can do? [mp3]

2013-07-21: Can You Really Count On Religious Knowledge? [mp3]

2013-07-14: I Am The Bread Of Life [mp3]

2013-07-07: Do You Want To Be Made Whole? [mp3]

2013-06-23: Conversion: The First Step [mp3]

2013-06-16: The Knowledge Ministry of Jesus (John Saladino) [mp3]

2013-06-13: Belief into Confidence [mp3]

2013-05-26: Trinitarian Reality [mp3]

2013-05-19: Holy Spirit [mp3]

2013-05-13: Where Now Is Authority [mp3]

2013-04-28: Kingdom of God – Basic Structure of Reality [mp3]

2013-04-21: Ultimate Reality [mp3]

2013-04-14: Worship as a Spiritual Practice [mp3]

2013-04-07: Being Formed in Doubt (Mike McNichols) [mp3]

2013-03-31: Christ Is Risen And That Changes Everything [mp3]

2013-03-23: Known in our Pain, Loved in our Sin [mp3]

2013-03-16: What Does It Mean to “Know”? [mp3]

2013-03-09: What Do We Do with the Prodigal Bits of Us? [mp3]

2013-03-02: Desire and Temptation [mp3]

2013-02-24: From whom are you learning to do life? [MP3]

2013-02-17: Why Lent is Counter-Cultural (Mike McNichols) [mp3]

2013-02-09: Transfiguration Sunday [mp3]

2013-01-26: The Bible as an Epiphany [mp3]

2013-01-19: New Name [mp3]

2013-01-12: Epiphany: The Main Thing (Todd Pickett) [mp3] “Who Am I” poem (pdf)

2013-01-05: The Outsiders (Mike McNichols) [mp3]


2012-12-29: What if God Were One of Us? (Dennis Okholm) [mp3]

2012-12-15: Advent: JOY [mp3]

2012-12-08: Advent: PEACE [mp3]

2012-12-01: Advent: HOPE [mp3]

2012-11-24: Cooperative Friends [mp3]

2012-11-17: Walk Worthily (Todd Pickett) [mp3]

2012-11-10: Kingdoms In Conflict [mp3]

2012-11-03: Issues of Power [mp3]

2012-10-28: Everybody Has A Beef With God [mp3]

2012-10-27: The Gospel of the Kingdom and the Basis for Confirmation [mp3]

2012-10-20: Power, Authority, and Community (Mike McNichols) [mp3]

2012-10-13: God Is Moving On Our Behalf [mp3]

2012-10-07: Givers & Takers (Dennis Okholm) [mp3]

2012-09-23: Kindness & Forgiveness [mp3]

2012-09-16: Reflecting Jesus Together (Dennis Okholm) [mp3]

2012-09-09: Spiritual Transformation [mp3]

2012-09-02: Gifts For Growing In Christlikeness [mp3]

2012-08-26: Walk In A Manner [mp3]

2012-08-19: What’s Real About Ordinary Life? [mp3]

2012-08-12: Serial Servant [mp3]

2012-08-05: The Secret is Out (Scott Pedersen) [mp3]

2012-07-29: Grow Up Into Christ [mp3]

2012-07-22: Why Seek Knowledge of Grace? [mp3]

2012-07-15: How We Walk [mp3]

2012-07-08: A Different Kind of Knowing (Todd Pickett) [mp3]

2012-07-01: Overcoming the Church’s Inferiority Complex (Dennis Okholm) [mp3]

2012-06-17: Grace [mp3]

2012-06-10: What if… [mp3]

2012-06-03: Good News of the Trinity (Todd Pickett) [mp3]

2012-05-27: Third Person of the Holy Trinity [mp3]

2012-05-20: Engagement with Others [mp3]

2012-05-13: Gift of the Holy Spirit [mp3]

2012-05-06: God Sightings – A Way To Faith [mp3]

2012-04-29: Hearing the Voice of the Good Shepherd (Dennis Okholm) [mp3]

2012-04-22: Wonder (Todd Pickett) [mp3]

2012-04-15: God Sightings [mp3]

2012-04-08: Easter [mp3]

2012-04-01: Palm Sunday [mp3]

2012-03-25: What About Authority [mp3]

2012-03-18: The Love That Fuels [mp3]

2012-03-11: The Law & The Law Giver (Dennis Okholm) [mp3]

2012-03-04: Dare To Live [mp3]

2012-02-26: Covenant [mp3]

2012-02-18: Proper Response [mp3]

2012-02-12: Participating [mp3]

2012-02-05: Sharing Your Faith [mp3]

2012-01-29: Connoisseur of Epiphany [mp3]

2012-01-22: Conversation Between the World & the Church [mp3]

2012-01-15: Feel Felt By God [mp3] (Todd Pickett)

2012-01-08: Epiphany [mp3]

2012-01-01: G.O.D. – How do we pour meaning into it? [mp3]


2011-12-18: Love – Can You Trust It [mp3] (Dennis Okholm)

2011-12-11: Joy – Is It Possible [mp3]

2011-12-04: Peace – Can I Be Busy, Yet Peaceful? [mp3]

2011-11-27: Hope – Will Things Ever Change? [mp3]

2011-11-20: Christ Who is a King and has a Kingdom [mp3]

2011-11-13: Orienting Our Desires [mp3]

2011-11-06: Our Story in Light of God’s Story: (Todd Pickett) [mp3]

2011-10-30: What Is Your Story [mp3]

2011-10-23: Discerning God’s Call for Our Lives (Michael Swanson) [mp3]

2011-10-16: Obedience Through Liturgy [mp3]

2011-10-02: Holy Spirt Led Life [mp3]

2011-09-25: Meeting People Where They’re At [mp3]

2011-09-18: The Outsiders [mp3]

2011-09-11: Discerning the Spirit’s Call [mp3] [download outline]

2011-09-04: Spiritual Warfare [mp3]

2011-08-28: NO! (Ian DiOrio) [mp3]

2011-08-21: The Continuing Conversion of Peter (Evangelism) [mp3]

2011-08-14: Conversion of Paul [mp3]

2011-08-07: Acts Chapter 8 “Evangelism through Word & Spirit” [mp3]

2011-07-31: Acts Chapers 6-7 “A Life Transformed” [mp3]

2011-07-17: Acts Chapeters 4-5 “The Spirit Awakens” (Todd Pickett) [mp3]

2011-07-10: Acts Chapter 4 “The Spirit Filled Life” [mp3]

2011-07-03: Acts Chapter 3 “Faith, a quiet confidence” [mp3]

2011-06-26: Acts Chapter 2 [mp3]

2011-06-19: Acts Chapter 1 [mp3]

2011-06-12: Pentecost Sunday [mp3]

2011-06-05: Ascension Day (Dr. Dennis Okholm) [mp3]

2011-05-29: Leadership & Relationships (ordination service) [mp3]

2011-05-22: Stewardship of Christian Community (Dr. Tom Carmody) [mp3]

2011-05-15: Stewardship of Our Baptismal Vows [mp3]

2011-05-08: Stewardship of the Gospel [mp3]

2011-05-01: Stewardship of the Present Moment [mp3]

2011-04-24: Easter “Set Your Hearts On Things Above” [mp3]

2011-04-17: Palm Sunday [mp3]

2011-04-10: Bring Into Order the Unruly Wills & Affections [mp3]

2011-03-27: Lent – Water and Jesus [Todd Pickett] (mp3)

2011-03-20: Lent – To Pause, Fast, Look and Trust (mp3)

2011-03-13: Lent – A Beautiful Journey (mp3)

2011-03-06: Transfiguration [Dr. Dennis Okholm](mp3)

2011-02-27: Worry, Fear & Anxiety (mp3)

2011-02-20: Apprenticeship Yourself with Me (mp3)

2011-02-13: Jesus, Meaner than Moses (mp3)

2011-02-06: Sermon on the Mount (Chuck Smith jr) (mp3)

2011-01-30: Power of Status vs Power of the Cross [Todd Pickett] (mp3)