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Our blogging team includes pastors, professors, students, spiritual directors and most of all followers of Jesus willing to share our steps and missteps along The Way.

Our dream for this blog is simply to provide weekly spiritual nourishment through the assorted personalities and lives of our blogging team. You will be treated to various styles and diverse content. We invite you to use this blog as seems best to you within the already existing rhythms and routines of your spiritual life.

Future blog posts will help us:

  • Taste and see that the Lord is good…
  • Know that Jesus really is the bread of life…
  • Understand that in God we live and move and have our being…

We invite you to return here periodically. If you soul cries out, if your heart is thirsty, let’s learn to do life together in the goodness of God. Let’s learn to walk in the gentle peace and gracious pace of Jesus.

One Vocation – Serving Others

Most Protestant look back to the Reformation as their theological touchstone. But we often wrongly think that the Reformation was only about doctrine, primarily justification by faith through grace. Actually, the Reformers were looking for a new kind of Christian life. They were disappointed by much of medieval spirituality and church life. They were looking for a version of the gospel that would produce sincere holiness and be a blessing to every village.  Speaking of the English reformation, historian Stephen Neill explains, “They were convinced that the new understanding of the Gospel, with it’s appeal to the whole man, mind, and conscience and will, could bring about that inner reformation that to them was more important than any change in […]

The Spirituality of Slowing Down and Shutting Up

The Spirituality of Slowing Down and Shutting Up

The word “addict” may conjure images of a disheveled drug-user. But relatively few people are addicted to drugs. However, judging by the way we drive, the way we zone out on mobile devices (even when surrounded by friends), and the way we distract ourselves with multiple forms of media, it seems many of us are in the addictive grip of noise and hurry. An addiction’s power resides in the lies it tells us. On the surface certain stimuli look pleasurable. And they do in fact provide a moment of pleasure or numbness or distraction. But addictive powers are dehumanizing and soul-destroying. Addicts lose the ability to self-regulate and eventually the stimulus gains mastery over their lives. Everything in an addict’s […]

How to Avoid Leadership Malpractice

How to Avoid Leadership Malpractice

Why do Christian leaders often find themselves bullying, manipulating or exhibiting other forms of leadership malpractice? Bishop Todd Hunter explores the root of the problem and how we can help prevent it in our own lives. What is at the root of leadership malpractice? Failure to ground ourselves in the reality that the Kingdom of God is never at risk. The Kingdom of God is simply the expression of God’s being: the places and spaces in which what God wants done is done. That’s why Jesus said, “When you pray, say: Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is 24/7 in your sphere, in your realm, in heaven.” It’s the place where what God wants is […]


Following Jesus

“Following Jesus” can seem so mysterious and ethereal that we don’t know where to start, what to do or to who we should do it. Many of you know my theological debt to the work of Bishop Tom Wright. In several places he has written or said something like this: “We are not to repeat what Jesus did but to implement his achievement.” That quote helps a great deal to have an imagination for what it means to “follow Jesus” when we cannot die for the sins of the world. But it may raise a further question: just what was Jesus’ achievement? What were his aims? For purposes of this short blog we could start with these thoughts: Jesus reconstituted […]

Study—That We Might Believe

The following is excerpted from the sermon “Lent: Discipline of Study” by Todd Hunter. Why don’t we study the bible? The Bible is too hard to understand—and I have limited time and intellectual ability. We wonder if the Bible remains reliable, relevant to our modern world? What happens when we don’t study? We lose contact with God’s Voice; lose our way under pressure from family, peers or media. We lose confidence for living, discerning, deciding; we lose trust. Why the Discipline of Study is Core to Discipleship: The purpose of study is the transformation of our entire being into the image of Jesus and obedience his Gospel of the Kingdom of God… We need to know the narrative of scripture […]

Honor, Cherish, Adore the Trinity

VOW: (Thanks to Calhoun & Foster) I will intentionally give myself to what I value most; I will honor, cherish and adore the Trinity as supreme treasure of my life. Focusing on and responding to God, filling my soul with wonder at him, seeking first his kingdom, I will respond to God’s truth in loving obedience and by assigning ultimate value to God, I will knock down in my heart power, approval, success or control; I will work to insure that my lips and my heart are not far apart, or that the activities my life never add up to the Lord saying to me, “Go away from me…I never knew you…” Rather, seeking the transformation that comes by valuing […]