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Our blogging team includes pastors, professors, students, spiritual directors and most of all followers of Jesus willing to share our steps and missteps along The Way.

Our dream for this blog is simply to provide weekly spiritual nourishment through the assorted personalities and lives of our blogging team. You will be treated to various styles and diverse content. We invite you to use this blog as seems best to you within the already existing rhythms and routines of your spiritual life.

Future blog posts will help us:

  • Taste and see that the Lord is good…
  • Know that Jesus really is the bread of life…
  • Understand that in God we live and move and have our being…

We invite you to return here periodically. If you soul cries out, if your heart is thirsty, let’s learn to do life together in the goodness of God. Let’s learn to walk in the gentle peace and gracious pace of Jesus.

Beauty As An Antidote For Worry

Listening to Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount is always a challenge for me! His words, while simple, eloquent and revelatory, get right to the heart of things. Often I think to myself, I get what he’s saying but I’m not sure I can do what he’s asking. That’s what happens to me when I read Matthew 6:25-34. Read it yourself. Jesus says six times not to worry, rather trust God like you see the birds of the air or the flowers of the field do. Our heavenly father takes care of them, are we not of more value? Won’t God care for us as he does the birds and flowers? I parsed the Greek word “anxiousness” or […]

Secrecy. Is it a bad thing?

Secrecy. Is it a bad thing? Doesn’t the word secrecy have undesirable if not immoral connotations? The notion of secrecy often calls to mind clandestine activities and cover-ups – like the Watergate scandal or tapping the phones of governmental leaders. But in the context of servant leadership the practice of secrecy is born from a spiritual motivation rooted in a God-centered world-view. For would-be servant leaders, secrecy is this: in favor of the Divine Audience of One, we abstain from allowing our good deeds and qualities to be known. In secrecy, we cultivate a deep relationship with God that flourishes independent of having to manage the opinions of others by boasting of our goodness, rightness, or power. This is a […]

Fighting Fear with Love

Fighting Fear with Love

Most of us hate vulnerability. We see it as weakness, as being soft. And no one, we surmise, can make it in today’s marketplace if they are weak or soft. But what if vulnerability is not the path to spinelessness but the road to power? We hate vulnerability and trusting others in ways that involve the possibility of failure. Why? Because we are self-centered. But if we can break out of this egocentric fear, we will find something fresh, better, and stunningly powerful: the transformation of our leadership. This transformation is worth the effort and has whole-life implications. As author David Benner writes, the “bondage of the self is always the enemy of genuinely self-surrendering and self-transcending love.” If we […]

Trash Day – Art Reflection

Holy Trinity welcomes Jonathan Puls Associate Dean and Professor of Fine Art and Art History at Biola University. Jonathan’s art work accompanies us as we learn to follow Jesus in ordinary moments this season. He has gifted Holy Trinity with 4 paintings from his series entitled “Days.”   Says Puls,“I embarked on this group of ‘Day’ paintings in early 2012 and have produced one a year.”  This first one is called ‘Trash Day.’ We all have trash days, perhaps a day of the week (for me it is Tuesday) or the semiannual large item pickup.  This trash day evokes especially those transitions in life, this major purging, when we clean out closets and garages, perhaps in the midst of a move we make from opportunity or necessity.  […]

Mere Information Is Not Sufficient

Most of us overestimate the power of information. Telling others what to do, or pleading with them to do something, does not compel deep or lasting change. For instance, at five feet, eleven inches tall I used to weight about 330 pounds. I was seriously round. I shopped in the big section of the Big and Tall shop. Friends said things like, “Is that your belt or the equator?” They addressed me playfully as “Your Circumference!” Telling others what to do, or pleading with them to do something, does not compel deep or lasting change. But calling attention to my girth or describing potential health problems didn’t change my eating habits. I was medicating pain with food. I was using […]


Are You Listening?

Our task in the coming season: listen for the Spirit to teach us about how to be faithful followers of Jesus in the ordinary, but difficult times in which we live. The challenging days in which we live are nothing new: listen to this prayer from The Dark Ages (7th century). Hear us O never-failing Light, Lord our God, our only light, the fountain of light…May our souls be lamps of yours, sparked and illuminated by you. May our souls shine and burn with the truth, and never go out in darkness and ashes. May we be shining from your light, may our lamps be burning and not be extinguished. Being filled with the splendor of our Lord Jesus Christ, […]