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Todd Hunter

I need your help to accomplish vital work I am doing. I am creating a church movement that serves those who have given up on church, envisioning them to become apprentices of Jesus, teaching them to live as he taught was best, and training them to cooperate with God as his servants in the renewal of all things. We seek to do this using a unique combination of thoughtfulness, quiet and beauty.

Please take a couple minutes to view these videos. They are narrated by me and feature exceptional guests who will touch your heart and stimulate you desire to follow Jesus.

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Makoto Fujimura

Makoto Fujimara–artist, writer, and director of Fuller Seminary’s Brehm Center suggests that we can learn the art of creative, servant-hearted living by believing our lives to be the artwork of our creator God, and a manifestation of his love.

Jonathan Puls

Jonathan Puls, artist & professor at Biola University describes how art makes us especially attentive, revealing the work of the Spirit, and aiding us in our spiritual formation.

Dr. Laura Harbert

Dr. Laura Harbert, psychologist & professor at Fuller Seminary beautifully asserts that we don’t merely do art; that art, as we behold it, does something to us in worshipful, surprising and sacred ways.