Artist In Residence: Dan Callis

Dan Callis is a visual artist/educator residing in Southern California. He received his MFA from Claremont Graduate University. His work includes painting, drawing, and installation. In addition to his individual studio practice, he has collaborated extensively, including partnering with individuals with physical and developmental disabilities, as well as working on projects with a field biologist in Baja, Mexico, a sociologist in Las Vegas, and a theologian from Duke Divinity School. His latest collaboration is with an Orange County-based poet and musician.

“What has become increasingly important for me is the relationship between the painting as a physical entity and a transcendent metaphoric object. I want to make a painting that stresses itself as a material object, yet also engages the metaphor of picture making. There is the subject of the hand, of color, of the paint itself. There is also the subject of poetic image. It is in this relationship that I find strong connections to the experience of being in body. I think of my paintings as obstructions and yet they are also points of interface. They are joyfully occupying a space between receding and becoming.”